Powerful 5 Tarot Card Spread For Beginners And Advanced Readers

A tarot reading can be a powerful way to gain insight into your life and the decisions you need to make. In this article, we will discuss 5 tarot card spread that is perfect for both beginners and advanced readers.

These great spreads will help you get a better understanding of the cards and the meanings of the messages they are trying to convey.

So, whether you are just starting out or have been reading tarot cards for years, these spreads are sure to give your higher self some guidance!

What Do Tarot Cards Represent?

What do most tarot cards stand for? A Tarot card meanings is used to give advice and “medicine,” as shamans call it, about your love life, finances, career, goals, and general life path.

Introduction To Tarot Reading And Their Benefits

Some people use tarot to help them feel better mentally. You can use Tarot cards to start a conversation with a therapist, figure out what’s going on in your life, and find answers. Even atheists and agnostics may like the spiritual part of tarot cards.

The 5 Tarot Cards Spread

A simple five-card spread can help you figure out what to do. This five-card tarot spread is helpful and great for people who are just starting out. It gives more information about the questioner’s worries, as well as the most likely outcome and any hidden possibilities.

The Present

This card represents the current situation of the querent life. Establish the general theme of the reading by relating it to the question or concern of the querent.

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The Past

This card represents how things that happened in the past are still having an effect on what’s going on today. As shown on card 5, it may be necessary to give up on these for the situation to reach its full potential.

The Future

Given the present situation, this card represents what will happen in the future if the querent keeps going the way they are.


This card shows what led to the present situation of the person asking the question. It can show if there are any problems ahead for the querent and works with card 2. If there is a strong link between these two cards, the querent must work on what they have shown to reach the potential shown in card 5.


This card shows what might happen or outcome if the querent does what cards 2 and 4 say to do.

The Celtic Cross Spread

One of the most complicated Tarot spreads is the Celtic Cross layout. It’s a good one to use when you need an answer to a specific question because it walks you through the different parts of the situation step by step.

Basically, it deals with one problem at a time, and by the time you get to the last card, you should have dealt with all of the different parts of the problem.

Put the cards in the order of the numbers on the picture. You can put them all face up to start, or you can put them all face down and turn them as you go.

For additional information, before you start, decide if you will use cards that have been turned around.

This choice doesn’t matter much, but you have to make or accept it before you can turn any cards over.

The Relationship Tarot Spread

The spreads for today are meant to help you look at your loves and current relationship or past relationships in a new way.

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We’re mainly talking about romantic relationships, but some of these tips can also be used or changed for other kinds of relationships. We’ll go through them in order of how hard they are, starting with the simplest.

Without further ado, we hope that these spreads will help you on your trip.

  • What is your role within this partnership? How do you view yourself, and how does this perception impact your relationship and personal growth?
  • What role does the partner or lover play in the relationship? How do you feel about your partner? What effect does this have on the collaboration? Does he have past influences?
  • Mechanical science – How would you describe the nature of this relationship? What characteristics does it have? Do you see what’s in the near future? Does it describe the possible outcome?

The Past, Present, And Future Spread


  • You are still affected by energy and events from the past.
  • How your memories either hold you back or help you cope up
  • How you can use what you’ve learned from the past in the present


  • What are you up to these days?
  • The vitality of the current situation
  • Opportunities and problems you are facing right now


  • Situation result
  • The way things look like they are going.
  • What you’re after

The Decision-Making Spread

This tarot spread was made to help people decide what to do. When you use this tarot spread, it’s best to already have a choice in mind. In the video, I talk about the whole tarot spread and show some of the ways it can be used.

The Birth Card Tarot Spread

This reading will examine your Birth Card, Ecliptic Card, Rahu (North Node) Card, Ketu (South Node) Card, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun, and Ascendant Cards, providing a wealth of information about these vital cards in your birth spread.

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I will also discuss your Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn cards, or you can choose to focus on a particular question, to which I will respond by reading your birth spread and the cards that are most pertinent to your question.

The Horseshoe Spread

The horseshoe spread meaning is a great all-purpose spread that can be used for any question. It’s simple but effective, and it can give you a lot of information about a situation.

To do these readings, you’ll need seven cards. You can use any deck that you like, but I recommend using a tarot deck because they tend to have more interesting images than playing cards.

Shuffle your deck and then lay the cards out in a horseshoe shape, with the first card at the top of the horseshoe and the seventh card at the bottom.

Then, turn over the cards one by one, starting at the top of the horseshoe.

What Is The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Only the major arcana tarot show life lessons. The meanings of the Major Arcana cards are deep and complicated, but they are also very beautiful. These tarot cards show how the human mind works and hold the keys to life lessons that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Final Thoughts

A 5 card tarot reading can be a very powerful way to gain insight into your life. The messages that the cards convey can help you make important decisions about your future.

Tarot card readings can also be used as a form of divination, which is the practice of predicting future events or discovering hidden knowledge.

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