Is Numerology real?

The world and life itself are very complicated, and if you’re like most people, you’re probably searching and navigating towards anything that makes it simpler to understand –whether its answers relating to career choices, love, or simply trying to find your purpose in life. I am a sceptic myself, I find myself questioning and analysing everything that happens in my life. Is it a mere coincidence, is it Karma, is it destiny, is it pure statistical reasoning, I often wonder? People try various means to make sense of the chaos called life with some even following mystical practices like Numerology. But whether or not it’s real is what we are going to find out today.

Is Numerology real? The answer to this question is up in the air; some people swear by Numerology while others think recurring numbers in their life are just a coincidence. I think it’s real but what it can show is more of a guideline to help you make the necessary changes in your life. Ultimately, you have the power!

Numerology is an ancient practice that believes in the divine/mystical relationship between certain numbers and the events that happen in the universe. Numerologists believe that each of these numbers has a unique vibration or energy and that the world and our place in it depend on the mystical vibrations and energies of these numbers.

Numerology can give insight into a person’s purpose in life, circumstance, romantic compatibility, personality, their cosmic past, and potentially what the future may hold. The truth is this is a complex concept; one that the average person knows very little about. But hopefully, by the end of this text, you will no longer be on the fence.

Is Numerology Real?

We’ve already seen that numerology can be real for some but not for others. In the following sections, I want us to try and understand what this concept is and in so doing, I may well answer a lot of other questions you might have.

How Does Numerology Work?

I had already explained what numerology is but how does it work? Well, the procedure is quite complicated and will require a master numerologist to provide accurate and detailed readings. But basically, there are two main numerology methods and they are the building blocks that create an individual’s numerological chart. They include:

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Destiny Number (The Name Method)

Each letter in the alphabet is assigned a particular number from 1-9 as shown in the table below:










To get your destiny number, you add all the numbers associated with each letter of your full birth name. If the result is a number with more than one digit, you add them again until you are left with one number. For example, if your full name is JOHN TURNER, you would add as follows:

(1+6+8+5)+ (2+3+9+5+5+9) =53. 5+3=8

Your destiny number is, therefore, 8. What you do now is look up the description of what a number 8 life path is. Each number from 1-9 has a spiritual meaning that can be applied to an individual in various ways. Note that if you get 11, 22, or 33, you don’t need to add them to get a single number because these three are master numbers in Numerology.

Life Path Number (Date of Birth Method)

This is much simpler as you just add up all the numbers in your date of birth then do the same basic calculations as above until you reach a single number. For instance, if your exact date o birth is 11/12/1991, you would add (1+1) + (1+2) + (1+9+9+1) =2+3+20=25. 2+5=7. In this case, 7 is your life path number. Be sure to separate the day, month and year as shown.

This is considered the most significant number in Numerology as it forms the basis of what path your life could take. It shows who you are or should be by unveiling your personality, opportunities in life, challenges you may face, and so on. This information will guide you where you fit in the universe so you can give yourself true purpose.

Other numbers used in Numerology include expression number, soul urge number (heart desire number), and personality number, and they are all based on your birth date and birth name. While you can easily find the five numbers used in numerology, the way these numbers work together to provide insights about somebody is what needs to be interpreted properly, preferably by a professional. A basic reading based on the five core numbers can be quite revealing; however, a true and in-depth Numerology reading involves a lot of calculations that go into many layers of depth with different combinations of numbers that carry various meanings.

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Facts about Numerology

Here are some interesting facts about Numerology that support the notion that it is real:

There are Positive and Negative Numbers

All the numbers used in numerology, which are 1-9, 11, 22, and 33, have both positive and negative features. As such, a true, in-depth numerology reading will not only focus on the positives but also consider the impact of the negative features so you can best understand yourself. It’s important to note that the numbers are influenced by a number of factors, including your outlook and the other numbers correlated with your different aspects of life such as love, health, career, and even business.

Master Numbers

Typically, if double-digit numbers are found during a numerology calculation, they are usually split apart and added until a single digit is found. However, when the calculation equates to 11, 22, or 33, it is not reduced since these are master numbers in Numerology. These numbers have deep and powerful meanings, which can be good or bad depending on the context, so has to be carefully read.

So Many Numbers and Meanings

While there are online tools and calculators to help you work out your core numbers, you should know that there are so many meanings behind combinations of these core numbers that could affect your reading. For instance, an online tool could give you a number based on your name or bate of birth and its meaning could show you some basic principles about your character. However, a real numerology reading will factor in all the core number combinations, which will give different meaning or point of view.

Numerology from Birth

Numerology readings are all based on your birth, so your birth name and birthday all have a meaning. Ensure you use your real birth name and birth date during a reading.

Criticism of Numerology

While some people believe Numerology is real, others dismiss the repeated appearance of a specific number in their lives as pure coincidence. Here are some of the reasons critics of Numerology give:

  • There are a small number of numerals that exists in the universe and considering Numerology only takes into account 12 of them, repetitions of those numbers is inevitable.
  • Those who practice Numerology say that they see their numbers everywhere, thus confirming that numerology is real. But critics point out that people are more likely to remember seeing their numbers while disregarding other numbers they encounter. People are also good at recognising patterns, which is what helps us learn to recognise faces, read, and count. This encourages them to interpret random events in their lives as patterns. Last, but not least, people are more likely to remember and resonate with attributes that apply to who they are or want to be while disregarding those that don’t. This is known as confirmation bias.
  • But the biggest critic of all is that Numerology is based on an invented system that people developed in ancient times to help them better organize the objects around them. While such systems can be helpful on an emotional or spiritual level, there’s no scientific proof that it really works the way it’s believed to work.
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Conclusion: Belief Trumps Everything

We’ve seen both ends of the spectrum, so do you think numerology is real? This whole controversy can be summarised with one question, do we have full control of life or are we destined to live a certain life. Those who believe in destiny might seek out Numerology or other mystical practices.

But for those who believe they have the power to create their reality, the law of attraction is on your side. It teaches that everyone is a powerful, spiritual being. You may figure out your life path number and all the other core numbers and then read about what they mean. What you read may seem to fit perfectly that you start to believe. You can make anything true with the power of your thoughts. In short, belief is more powerful than anything else.

It can be fun to see what your life path number and destiny number is. If it resonates with you and feels right, great, but if doesn’t, don’t believe it. Whether numerology or some other kind of mystical/spiritual reading, don’t let someone tell you who you are. Remember you are in control of your life and can become whoever you want to be. In my opinion, numerology should be used as a guide to show you what areas in your life need positive change, and not to determine your fate.

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