Does Astrology Really Work?

With all the challenges that life present, wouldn’t it be great to know how successful you will be in your career or if you and your partner are meant to be, basically what the future holds? Several mystical practices claim to have insights into your life path, and one common one is Astrology. This is the belief that astronomical phenomena have the power to influence the events in the universe and an individual’s life. The practice of reading the movement of celestial bodies to gain insight into our lives has been around for centuries, yet it’s still greatly misunderstood. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of Astrology, let’s answer one important question.

Does Astrology really work? Believers will tell you that it’s real and that it really does work, sceptics think it seems pretty far-fetched, while scientists will say it has not yet been proven. But whether or not you believe, there’s something to be said about Astrology considering it’s an ancient practice that still exists to date.

Astrology finds itself in horoscopes and zodiac signs of magazines and even on online sites. A specific aspect of astrology, which is the ability to forecast an individual’s future or offer advice on their daily events via horoscopes, is growing in popularity.

This is especially true in these uncertain times of COVID-19 when people are looking for answers about what the future holds. But what convinces people to adopt and believe in such mystical practices despite them not being proven? How did they get sucked in? Today I will cover both ends of the spectrum, those for Astrology and those against, so you can make an informed stand about it once and for all.

Does Astrology Really Work?

We’ve already seen that Astrology is a life-long guide for some people while others think of it as nothing more than science fiction. But since millions still hold interest for it, whether openly or secretly, I think you should understand what it is before diving all in. I’m going to start from the very beginning and hopefully, by the end of this text, I will have answered as many questions as possible that you may have about Astrology. So, let’s get right into it:

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What Is Astrology And How Does It Work?

It’s difficult to describe astrology since it’s actually many things. The simplest explanation would be it’s the study of how the movement of celestial bodies, including the sun, moon, stars, and planets, affect human affairs. The movement of these bodies helped early astrologers to keep track of seasons and predict weather patterns. Since this system was pretty successful at predicting time, it was increasingly used to try and understand and even predict other aspects of life.

Today’s astrologers believe that the movement of celestial bodies and their positions at the time of one’s birth can influence every aspect of life, including their personality, character, love life/marriage, career, family, kids, finances, opportunities in life, challenges, and so on.

Is it real?

As, I had mentioned earlier, yes and no, depending on whom you’re asking. Astrology is based on Astronomy, which is definitely real as it’s fully proven. We know that the position and movement of celestial bodies have an influence on earth. For instance, the movement of the moon has a huge impact on ocean tides. It has also been proven that the solar cycle activity can affect the weather on earth. Astrologers and advocates of astrology argue that if celestial bodies can influence the physical world around us, then they must also have an influence on us. We know the positions of the planets and as they move, they make patterns, which are the zodiac. Astrology comes in to interpret the positions of the planets and their impact on humans.

Why should you believe in astrology?

Astrology uses science, art, and interpretation to show a person’s past, present, and even predict their future. This is not to say it negates the idea of free will but rather, it provides information about our lives. It is then up to you to decide if and how to use the information. An astrological analysis is a practical and valuable tool that helps people to understand the events in their life. That way, you can make positive changes from any unwanted situations and circumstances.

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While there’s no scientific evidence to prove Astrology works, the millions of followers Astrology has all over the planet is proof that it works. After all, isn’t a happy and satisfied customer a repeat customer? Historical evidence even shows that it has been used for thousands of years and remains popular today, isn’t it because to some extent it’s real?

The Arguments from Scientists and Sceptics

While many believe Astrology works, there are just as many who are of the opinion that it doesn’t work. These people cite the following reasons:

The predictions are not proven

People who don’t believe in Astrology have a strong point in their favour and that is, there’s no scientific proof that it has ever worked. There is no theoretical basis for this phenomenon and no practical results; what new studies about astrology have shown time and time again is the astrologers’ predictions are no better than chance.

It’s a money-making industry

Astrology is a multi-million dollar industry with millions of people spending billions of dollars on Astrology-related services like horoscopes and zodiac signs. They make you believe in Astrology more and more by making predictions that are appealing to you that it gets addictive.

They make you believe what you want to believe

Astrologers give vague statements like ‘you will face a challenge this week’ or ‘you have suffered hard times’. Given how life is, it’s only natural that we face challenges daily, not to mention, everybody has some bad experience in the past. So, what’s so special about such an analysis? It seems like Astrology is just a physiological mind game that leaves you guessing and believing things that you have created yourself.

Astrologers have varied views

If you visit more than one astrologer, you will not find commonality in their views. I mean, if your fate was decided the day you were born, why are there different versions of your life’s path? The answer is pretty simple, they are just guessing and making generalisations as mentioned earlier.

If Astrology Doesn’t Work, Why Do So Many People Still Believe In It?

There are a number of reasons why astrology can be perceived as believable. First, the core approach of astrology is to give vague, blanket statements. For example, thanks to economic instability and our endless wish list, a statement like ‘you will be facing a financial turmoil’ can apply to anyone in any part of the world regardless of race, gender, and social status.

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Secondly, humans believe a lot in coincidences and our brains are wired to look for patterns. Even when two unrelated events happen, your brain will try and see a connection and astrologers take advantage of that. Because of a previous belief from astrology predictions, you will begin to perceive two random events as related. This effect is called “subjective validation. Those who believe in astrology also tend to remember the predictions that turn out right while disregarding those that are false. This is known as confirmation bias.

Lastly, a lot of people who believe in astrology feel better when they follow the advice given by an astrologer or their horoscope. This is because of the placebo effect. Life can be quite scary and anything that seems to provide a glimpse of the future is welcomed as it gives someone a better sense of control.

Conclusion: Should You Believe In Astrology

Many people enjoy reading horoscopes but whether or not you believe in them is another thing. Believing in astrology to an extent that it rules your everyday life is not good. When you start trusting astrological predictions more than you trust yourself, you will not only lose your personality but also mentally disturb who you are. Haven’t you seen people who blame their poor actions or bad traits on their zodiac sign?

The most dangerous assumption, I think, people make about astrology is that it can predict the future. Contrary to popular belief, Astrology is meant as a guiding tool that empowers believers to make conscious decisions and possibly avoid the mishaps in life.

Astrology cannot determine your destiny since you have the power to edit it through decisions and choices. If you view astrology in this sense, it can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and allow you to make choices that will shape your destiny for the better. In short, it starts and ends with you!

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