What Is A Mediumship Reading?

A mediumship reading is a type of psychic reading involving communication with the dead’s spirits. Mediums can communicate with these spirits by using their intuition and spiritual energy. During a mediumship reading, the medium will allow the hearts to use their body to relay messages to the person receiving the reading. This can be an … Read more

Understanding What Is Degree Theory In Astrology

Degree theory is a branch of astrology that deals with the measurement and interpretation of the relationships between planets and other celestial bodies. In particular, degree theory focuses on the angles formed by these objects, known as aspects. Aspects are used to describe the nature of the relationship between two planets or other celestial bodies. … Read more

What Do Empty Houses Mean In Astrology | Astrology Guide?

An Astrologer Explaining a Natal Chart to a Younger Woman

One of the most fascinating things about astrology is that it can offer insights into our lives that we might not otherwise be aware of. By understanding the symbolism associated with different planets and houses, we can begin to see patterns in our lives and get a greater understanding of our personal journey. In this … Read more

What Is A Psychic Reading? Everything You Need To Know

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A psychic reading is a session with a psychic, medium, or clairvoyant during which the psychic reader will attempt to communicate with the person’s spirit guide, guardian angel, or departed loved ones. Many believe psychic readings can provide insight into past lives, future events, and present circumstances. If you’re curious about what psychic reading entails … Read more